Terroir :
The vineyard of Château Saint-Roch is situated on the west hillside of the fault Roquemaure. It is protected from winds by the hills of Saint Génies and it takes advantage of the influence of the river Rhône which is just behind those hills.

Grape varieties: Grenaches noir : 60 %, Syrah : 25%, Mourvédre : 15%
Harvesting: Hand-made with successive sorting of the grapes when arriving at the "chai".

Partial or complete stripping of grapes according to grape varieties and maturity.
Different grape varieties are blended in vats where they will macerate then alcoholic fermentation takes place at a controlled temperature.Maturation takes place in vats and the wine is racked regularly to eliminate the deposit from the must.

Tasting and drinking:
garnet red colour with violet highlights.
Nose: a bouquet of small black fruits (black-currants, violet, murlberry and cooked sherry), this wine develops after a few years aromas of stone-fruits, kirch, leather and fur.
Palate: pleasantly powerfull, with generous tannins, this wine develops into more complex and rich flavours of stone-fruits with age. Tannins are very pleasant and well-balanced.
Serving: red meats, all Provençal dishes and tasty cheeses.

Serving temperature:
Quantity produced: 50 000 bottles / year.
Présentation: Traditional bottle from Bourgogne 75 cl et 37,5 cl.

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